Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Honey Bees Swarming at Killrowan Farm

This is something that is very rarely caught on camera... Honey Bee's swarming!! Swarming is were a group of Bee's (which can number well into the thousands) and a queen split from a hive looking for a new home. The box you see is designed to attract swarms of Bee's which may be in the area. The Bee's enter the box and start working immediately. At nightfall when all the Bee's are in, the box can be sealed. The next day the swarm will be transferred into a hive and a new coloney is born which will hopefully produce an abundance of honey (in this case Killrowan Farm honey!!)

Luckily on Saturday last, Mike and my Father,Dan, happened to see the Bee's swarming and Mike was able to get it on film. Thank God for smart phones!!

Without a stitch of Bee keeping clothing, Mike and Dad stood directly under the box and watched as thousands of bees passed them by. Not a single sting!

It just shows that if you don't bother the Bee's, they won't bother you. I do however recommend that you avoid Bee's swarming unless you are wearing protective clothing! Please have a look at this amazing video of nature at

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