Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sad news as our oldest Droimeann cow Leary passes away

Last Wednesday was a very sad day on the farm as it marked the passing of Leary our oldest Droimeann cow here at Killrowan Farm
Leary was a Droimeann which my father had purchased from Jerome O' Leary the owner and breeder of the world's oldest cow Big  Bertha. He bought Leary as a weanling heifer in 1997 and she remained in the herd up until her death on Wednesday 17/09/2014
Leary with a previous Droimeann bull calf she reared

Leary was a fantastic cow and at the age of 17 had reared 14 healthy calves. We are very lucky that her last calf is a heifer which we will keep as a breeding cow on the farm to continue This remarkable bloodline.

Learys Heifer Calf
This heifer calf has been named after the place-name 'Gerah' where Jerome O Leary kept his herd of cows including world record holder Big Bertha, and where Leary (Big Bertha's Grand-daughter) came from.

Gerah will remain here at Killrowan farm were hopefully she will prove herself as a cow just like her mother Leary proved time and time again.
Gerah who will remain here at Killrowan Farm

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