Saturday, 27 September 2014

Blog Overhaul!

Due to time constraints, I have previously been unable to give regular blog updates about us and what we are doing here at Killrowan farm.

This is going to change however, so please if you want to know more about our farm, the breeds we keep then stay tuned, as a massive overhaul of this blog will be taking place.

Here at Killrowan Farm, we feel that social media is a major tool  in farming as it  highlights the work that is involved in running a farm. With regards to our Irish rare breed of cattle the Droimeann we see it as an opportunity to highlight the importance of preserving this fantastic breed and getting it out to the public so they can see for themselves the characteristics of the breed and why we love them so much.

We would love to share our world with as many people as possible and truly believe that blogging is a fantastic way of doing this.

So as I said, please stay tuned and we will have plenty of updates on what we do here at Killrowan Farm.
Highland heifer and Droimeann cow here at Killrowan Farm

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sad news as our oldest Droimeann cow Leary passes away

Last Wednesday was a very sad day on the farm as it marked the passing of Leary our oldest Droimeann cow here at Killrowan Farm
Leary was a Droimeann which my father had purchased from Jerome O' Leary the owner and breeder of the world's oldest cow Big  Bertha. He bought Leary as a weanling heifer in 1997 and she remained in the herd up until her death on Wednesday 17/09/2014
Leary with a previous Droimeann bull calf she reared

Leary was a fantastic cow and at the age of 17 had reared 14 healthy calves. We are very lucky that her last calf is a heifer which we will keep as a breeding cow on the farm to continue This remarkable bloodline.

Learys Heifer Calf
This heifer calf has been named after the place-name 'Gerah' where Jerome O Leary kept his herd of cows including world record holder Big Bertha, and where Leary (Big Bertha's Grand-daughter) came from.

Gerah will remain here at Killrowan farm were hopefully she will prove herself as a cow just like her mother Leary proved time and time again.
Gerah who will remain here at Killrowan Farm