Thursday, 8 May 2014

Our Highland Cattle

Our Three pedigree Scotish Highland Girls

Back in 2011 we were lucky enough to add Scottish Highland Cattle to the farm. We purchased 3 Pedigree Scottish Highland heifers and imported them into the country. The first arrivals were imported from England and the third arrival came a few weeks later in from the Highlands of Scotland.
Our Droimeanns' meeting the highlands for the first time
Highland cattle are fantastic animals for their utilization of grass, hardiness,quality beef and docility. A lot of our neighbours were both amused and slightly scared of these new additions. We were told by some, that the horns would be a major safety issue and the rest of our cows and ourselves would be injured by them. It is safe to say that that couldn't be further from the truth. Highland cattle, like our Droimeann ladies are extremely docile and so pleasant to deal with. The way in which they manoeuvre their horns still amazes us. They love nothing better than a good scratch and are extremely inquisitive
We have been breeding our highland girls with a Droimeann bull and have been extremely impressed with the results. This year’s highland crosses are especially interesting as they have the Droimeann colouring of white body and red points but with the highlands coat.( Pictures of these calves will be posted soon) We feel they are cracking looking calves and as a crossbred have great potential for beef purposes as they combine the best characteristics from these two wonderful breeds.
'Fuzzpot' with the very first Highland X Droimeann calf 'Fat Tony' at 2 days old
Highland maiden heifer with Highland X Droimeann Heifer calf 
Fuzzpot with Fat Tony as a weanling
Back in November we purchased a Pedigree Scottish Highland yearling bull to join our Highland cows. We will be keeping them up in the hill farm separate from our Droimeann cows as we have a Droimeann bull with them.  We will be putting some of our Droimeann cows up on the hill  who are in the early stages of pregnancy to the Droimeann bull. Our plan at the moment with the Highland cattle is to establish a medium sized herd of pedigree cows and then breed some for pedigree calves and the remainder with the Droimeann for beef purposes. 

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  1. Those are fantastic cattle! I guess you really have great talent in raising unique farm animals. Your farm is really fascinating by having various breed of cows. I'm sure everyone who gets to visit your place are amazed. Thanks for sharing that! More power to you and your farm!

    Kevin Kelley @ Ronald Harris Ravens Worth